Michael C. Rice, MS, MBA

Michael C. Rice, MS, MBA : Principal

Michael C. Rice, MS, MBA

Mike joined Defined Health in 2005, bringing over 10 years of experience as a biotech entrepreneur. At Defined Health, Mike leads projects in Orphan Diseases, Men’s and Women’s Health and Endocrinology, and he co-heads the oncology and Cardiovascular & Metabolics practices. Prior to Defined Health, Mike was Strategic Business Development Analyst for Tapestry Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Project Leader in Genomics at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, and a technological founder and New Product Development Manager of the genomics and gene therapy firm, Kimeragen, Inc.

Mike studied the molecular basis of cancer at the Kimmel Cancer Institute and is recognized for his extensive intellectual property and publication portfolio pertaining to cancer genetics, DNA repair, human gene therapy, molecular diagnostics, and agricultural trait improvement. His past positions involved exposure to Venture Capital and financing, translational medicine and business development and licensing.

Mike holds an MBA, with a concentration in New Venture Creation, Biotechnology from the Alfred Lerner School of Business and Economics, at the University of Delaware, an MS in Molecular Pharmacology from Thomas Jefferson University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Delaware.

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