About Us

Defined Health is a leading business development strategy consulting firm. We’ve been assisting clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare investment industries for more than 25 years.

  • Defined Health has three core lines of business, each focused on helping companies build and strengthen development-stage assets; compounds, portfolios and platforms
  • A key differentiator is the firm’s focus on defining value for early stage compounds as “proof of relevance” (“PoR”), looking beyond mechanistic proof-of-concept to demonstrate clear potential for clinical differentiation and indisputable commercial value
  • Defined Health’s position of trust can be leveraged for the long term, across the continuum of clinical development and “go to” market services
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  • Validate scientific rationale
  • Position in evolving standard of care
  • Define target patient populations, clinical endpoints and target product profiles
  • Determine payer perspective
  • Assess commercial value
  • Analyze and prioritize pipeline portfolio
  • Identify and assess novel indications for development
  • Prioritize potential indications
  • Define value inflection strategy for clinical candidates
  • Advise on optimal time and stage of development for partnering
  • Advise on partner selection
  • Establish criteria for identifying programs that fit with strategy
  • Identify assets and/or companies that best match criteria
  • Provide deeper analysis of priority targets
  • Identify value inflection points to optimize partnering strategy
  • Leverage extensive industry network to identify potential strategic partners

We differ from other consulting firms in our unique depth and breadth of experience, in our people, and in the quality of our client interactions. The key to what we have come to call our unconventional insight is our unparalleled therapeutic area experience.

Our Business

Over the past decade, we’ve leveraged our unique depth and breadth of experience in hundreds of therapeutic areas to advise pharma clients on therapeutic area entry and growth strategies, and biotech clients on development and partnering strategies. Our core business, product and pipeline assessments, continues to feed our knowledge base and drive our ability to provide these additional consulting services.

More than 20 years ago, our business model was to perform relatively fast turn around, but informed assessments of early stage products in development. After having completed thousands of these early stage product assessments, our clients began to ask us for our opinion, in addition to the thought-leading perspective we’d been providing. They asked for our informed read of competitive pipelines, for in-depth scientific due diligence, forecasts, recommendations, and assistance in identifying, recommending and evaluating licensing and co-promotion partners and M&A opportunities.

Our client base is a mix of big pharma, emerging and specialty pharma, biotech and healthcare investment companies, and our ability to see issues and strategies from the unique perspectives of each of these industry factions adds another dimension to our unconventional insight. Click here for a partial list of our clients.

Our consultants have PhD, MD, MS and MBA degrees, as well as industry experience in investment, licensing and business development, commercial evaluation, drug discovery and R&D.

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