Experience and Expertise: Metabolic Disease

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Metabolic Disease: Experience & Expertise

  • METABOLIC DISEASES is likewise one of Defined Health’s large practice areas. The metabolic franchise is led by Michael C. Rice, MS, MBA and Ed Saltzman, Executive Chairman.
  • Our experience in this area encompasses opportunity assessments, market evaluation and positioning, clinical development strategy, and indication prioritization for biotech companies, and disease area strategy and opportunity assessments for in-licensing or acquisition for large and specialty pharmaceutical companies.
  • We have performed hundreds of opportunity assessments of products for diabetes, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome and obesity, as well as providing high-level strategic advice to companies wishing to enter/navigate the increasingly challenging regulatory and commercial environment associated with these large markets.
  • Other recent areas of focus for Defined Health have been CKD, NASH, sarcopenia and the broader frailty space – large, evolving markets with significant unrealized potential. Defined Health also has recent experience in endocrine tumors and has conducted broad, endocrinology opportunity search projects.
  • Specific metabolic targets in which Defined Health has amassed substantial knowledge include: GLP-1 mimetics, SGLT2 inhibitors, DPPIV inhibitors, anti inflammatory targets for diabetes/obesity, non PPAR insulin sensitizers, MeTAP2 inhibitor, GPR40 agonist, PCSK9 antibodies, APOB inhibitor, HDL mimetics, and MTP inhibitors.