Stuart W. Peltz, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

“We love working with the Defined Health team. By seeing the whole field, they make connections that others can’t. We count on their rigorous scientific and business analysis to provide insights that can be applied across the board — from industry trends to individual projects.”

Simon Moroney, D.Phil., Chief Executive Officer

“Defined Health is rapidly becoming our “go to” adviser for topics reaching from market analysis of therapeutics to more wide-ranging strategic questions. The quality of their work, the thoughtfulness of their approach and their speed make them a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Brennan, Senior Vice President, Business Development

“We’ve used Defined Health for a number of projects to help us analyze the potential of new applications for our technology. The results of the research and the reports that were generated were key tools in our strategic planning and decision making process, both at the Senior Management level, and with our Board of Directors. […]

Mark C. Wiggins, Senior Vice President, Corporate & Business Development

“The Defined Health team that conducted our market and payer research project in five countries worked with us seamlessly from project inception through final presentation (and beyond!). I cannot say enough about the pride of ownership Ed and Vasantha took, making sure every step of the project was done with the highest level of professionalism. […]

Rachel K. King, Chief Executive Officer

“We turn to Defined Health for the quality of their analytical work and their insight on the markets and development pathways for biotechnology products. They have done excellent work for us on a number of different projects, and their input has helped advance our own thinking about our programs. Jeff Bockman and the rest of […]

Manfred Ruediger, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you for providing the final report which is a perfect summary of the great work that you have done. It was likewise a pleasure working with you. We really enjoyed your deep knowledge of the field, the great discussions we had and the on-time delivery of all work packages. We have strongly benefited from […]

Thomas A. Collet, PhD, President, CEO, and Co-founder

“Thank you for putting on your therapeutic area webinars. They’re great! What I like most about them is that I can catch up on the state-of-the-art commercial thinking and apply it to early development efforts.”

Michael S. Paul, PhD, President and CEO

“We are extremely pleased with the exceptional quality of the product develoment and commercialization strategy work that Defined Health conducted for Lineagen. Defined Health’s research was rigorous, credible and relevant, and was vital in helping Lineagen develop a clear path and forward-looking strategy. In fact, Defined Health’s research directly led to Lineagen’s first commercialized service, […]